I've followed the fitting instructions, but the Wind Deflectors have not stuck

Please email us at customerservices@autoclover-store.co.uk so that we can assist you further.

The back of the Wind Deflectors appear to be chipped

These indentations are part of the manufacturing process and are completely normal, they should not be visible once they are installed.

I didn't stick my Wind Deflectors on correctly the first time, can I reinstall them?

No, the adhesive tape will only stick once, creating a strong, long lasting bond.

Can I remove the Wind Deflectors once they have been installed?

Auto Clover wind deflectors are designed to be permanent, however they can be removed by cutting through the tape with plastic wire and then removing the adhesive with a product like “goo gone” however this may take some effort.

If you have any further questions or would like to contact us, please send us an email: